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About Powder Processing & Technology, LLC

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC's professionals have assisted the top materials technology companies around the world for over 40 years. Our customers feel that our ability to convert bench top experimentation into commercial production has made PPT a reliable partner. We have the capability to produce at the scale you require and with the quality and consistency you expect. Most importantly, you can trust us to handle your intellectual property with discretion. Our warehousing services allow us to stage your materials during production, with complete shipping and storing capabilities.

We have:

  • A fully equipped pilot development facility (Innovative Materials Center) for customers that require process development prior to the scale up into a production environment.
  • A mid-size production facility for small or mid-scale production runs, or as an intermediate step before moving into a full-scale production.
  • Several segregated production areas capable of substantial tonnage.

History Timeline


PPT acquires CinChemPro in Batavia OH to expand into organic chemistry technology and better serve our existing and new clients.


PPT increases its commitment to the catalyst industry through the acquisition of additional large rotary calciner and capability for impregnation.

PPT renovates its pilot plant and related equipment to form its Innovative Materials Center (IMC), creating an improved capability to assist materials technology companies drive to commercialization.

Primarily for the catalyst industry, PPT installs a Tri-Mer Ceramic Catalyst Filter System that will remove particulate matter (PM) and NOx exhaust from tunnel kiln and rotary calciners.

An additional spray dryer and calciner installed to support our customers' increasing demand for processing services.

A plant within a plant is created to provide a dedicated facility for a high materials technology partner.

PPT reinvents its custom processing business by renovating the plant to handle a broader range of ceramic and inorganic materials.

An advanced technology manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries signs engineering contract with PPT to assist in process development of critical materials. This is PPT's first of many customer relationships in alternative energy technology.

Mitsui sells all production lines, except copier supplies, and the entire facility to E.J. Vestco Industires, LLC to form Powder Processing and Technology, LLC (PPT). PPT focuses on electronic powders and contract processing.

Received ISO9001 Certification

 PTC initiates its custom processing business with process development of a styrene catalyst feed material for Criterion Catalyst.

PTC develops soft ferrite powders for parts used for power conversion and noise suppression, and in 1994 added powders for multi-layer applications.

Nippon Iron Powder, a subsidiary of Mitsui, Mining and Smelting of Japan purchases the Advanced Materials Division of Titan Corporation and renames the Valparaiso facility "Powdertech Corporation" (PTC).

Indiana General sells the business to Titan Corporation. The Advanced Materials Division leverages the parent company's core business to initiate development of radar absorbing materials for the defense industry and grows the copier supplies business. 

Indiana General begins a joint development program with Xerox, resulting in a new ferrite carrer core plant for the production of Xerox imaging supplies starting production in 1975.

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